It’s not uncommon for me to think that a blog post inspires another one, and I promise to write that post some time in the future.

Well, to be sure that time arrives, this is my accountability journal.

Innovation versus incrementation


In my post Design Sprint Monday I promised to write a post about using a design sprint to identify a transformative goal as opposed to just improving an existing product.

SCAMPER – Reverse can mean back to the old ways


In my SCAMPER and SpaceX post I listed SpaceX reverting to parachute landings for its Crew Dragon capsule as an example of reverse. There are a number of reversals that went back to the old way, to good effect. Apple kicked butt with its stores when it seemed like everybody else was abandoning retail. Cars go front wheel drive then rear, then body on frame then unibody. Why? Can this help us find new ideas?

What do you think?

I’ve turned on comments on this page just so you can comment! What post should I work on next?

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