Hands On Training

Design Thinking is the answer to the fast paced challenges of our times.

Why is Design Thinking the world’s number one innovation method?

Too many projects fail because of faulty assumptions made up front. Design Thinking ensures the creation of a product or service that is not only technically feasible, but also desirable and profitable.

Design Thinking is a discipline that encourages empathy with the user of the product or service –  a process called human centred design. Design Thinking harnesses rapid prototyping and iteration.

Design Thinking is extremely flexible. This workshop has helped teams to identify opportunities in areas as wide ranging as company growth, inventing new products to launch on Kickstarter, app development and tackling environmental issues.

What will you learn?

This workshop combines instruction and hands-on teamwork to develop actionable solutions to real world challenges.

Gain valuable insights on customer needs that give you an edge over competition. Define and reframe problems to create actionable challenges. Unleash your creativity to generate breakthrough ideas. Rigorously test ideas with prototyping and iteration. Harness broad perspectives and diversity to not only create an inclusive atmosphere of teamwork, but also uncover hidden opportunities that the majority may miss.

Who is this for?

This session provides vital skills to engineers, product managers, inventors, entrepreneurs – anybody who needs to contribute to a high pace of innovation. This workshop is useful for leaders who want a proven way to increase the creative output of their teams and outpace the competition. Individuals who attend will learn to be recognized change agents in their organizations.

what’s the end result?

Every participant will leave with new ideas and experience with techniques that develop ideas on demand that are not just novel but also validated.


One day training session. Between eight and 20 participants.