“Can we replace periodic action with continuous action?”

Continuity of Useful Action: Removing periodic action and running without a break at full capacity.


A trickle charger that slow applies power to a battery instead of a quick run-up to full capacity that could cause damage.

Eliminate periods when equipment or staff sit idle.

A reciprocating saw has moments at each end of its stroke where it does no useful work, whereas a circular saw is continuously cutting.

Instead of periodic examinations of equipment, implement always-on telemetry.

Compare a fish which moves with a back and forth sway of its tail to a boat which uses a continuous turn of a propeller screw.

More examples

As I stumble across real world examples of this Inventive Principle in action I add them here.

Your turn

What problems do you face that this inventive principle could help solve? Have you used this principle before?