“Can we solve a problem with a colour change?”

Colour changes: Changing the colour of an object or its external environment.

Working the night shift

Introduced in January 2017, night shift is a software option that reduces the output of blue light from iPhones and iPods, theoretically making it easier to fall asleep later, as blue light is a signal of daytime that interferes with sleep cycles.

Saturn V

The black and white exterior of the Saturn V rockets that took men to the moon is not only iconic, it has roots in practical purpose. The early American space program adopted the German practice of painting its rockets in alternating black and white patterns so that it could be determined if the rocket was rolling, by eye, from a great distance. This pattern was changed many times with successive rockets as the black paint heated up under the Florida sun, dangerously raising the temperature of the rocket fuel and oxygen within. Various black areas of the rockets’ exteriors were painted white, resulting in the recognizable patterns.

More examples

As I stumble across real world examples of this Inventive Principle in action I add them here.

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