“Can accelerated oxidation lead to a solution?”


Nitrous oxide, injected into the intake manifold of an internal combustion engine both cools the intake air but also provides a boost of oxygen. When this additional oxygen is met with additional fuel, more power is produced.

Oxy-acetalyne torches mix fuel and pure oxygen to produce a high temperature flame that can cut metal.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters convert toxic gases and pollutants in the exhaust of internal combustion engines.  The catalytic metal (usually platinum) helps oxygen interact with the noxious exhaust gases, accelerating oxidation.

More examples

As I stumble across real world examples of this Inventive Principle in action I add them here.

Your turn

What problems do you face that this inventive principle could help solve? Have you used this principle before?

U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Dillon Davis