Put to another use

“Can this product or service be used elsewhere?”

Tesla did not install a dedicated rain sensor in its Model 3, relying instead on the cameras that were already installed in the vehicle for autonomous driving to detect when it is raining and apply the windshield wipers appropriately.

As cars are increasingly electrified, can the availability of high capacity batteries be devoted to something other than propulsion, such as quick reacting dynamic suspensions?

The process of making bubblewrap was originally intended for textured wallpaper.

What we now call brandy was originally distillates left over from wine that was boiled down to preserve it and make it easier to transport – wine concentrate, if you will. It was only later that the distillate itself was found to have a value, especially after being stored in wood barrels.

Guiding questions

Can this product be used in a different way?
Can this product be targeted to a different audience?

Photo by Bibhash Banerjee from Pexels