Team Growth Workshop: JUNE 10&11, 2019

“Engaging, thought provoking – gave the unit a place to come together where everyone’s voice is heard.”

“Engaging and thought provoking.”
“Fun, informative, interesting, helpful.”

Entrepreneur Growth workshop: June 1, 2019

“Tangible, actionable strategies for growth. Positive, professional but friendly environment. Your expertise and enthusiasm was great!”

“Impactful: leaving this session with actionable tasks. Networking: Getting to meet new people and working together. Well organized: typical Tim fashion! Great investment of my time.”
“Highly collaborative. A great opportunity to look at your business challenges with fresh eyes of other entrepreneurs.”
“Outstanding. Opportunity to have others think outside the box in getting more visibility to me doing paid speaking engagements. Sometimes, we get caught up in our own heads. So great to have others help us think.”
“Fantastic. Ideas shared from others that would improve yours and other people’s business. It was truly helpful.”
“It was great. Nothing bad to say.”

Idea Generation Workshop: April 12, 2019

“The session was great and very informative. Love the SCAMPER idea in our forever changing environment. Tim was fantastic and a very funny presenter. Wonderful experience!”

“Tim was fantastic. Well done!”
“Tim was an excellent facilitator and presenter. Thanks Tim!”
“Fun and interactive.”
“All the information and examples Tim provided are so relevant and to the point. He also has great taste with movies.”
“This has been my favourite PD session as I can apply the concepts immediately.”
“Really enjoyed this morning’s session! Thank you for offering and thank you for the treats.”
“Nice workshop session.”
“Good presenter! Content very useful. Interactive. Good time management – energizing.”
“Excellent topic. Loved the hands-on, practice what you learn approach.”